A Unicorn Crosses The Brooklyn Bridge

After a mysterious fog had descended on the city:

A bruised black hand with polished nails was found inside

the carcass of a fallen lamb,

Auntie Sue was photographed running naked over rooftops

   in her frilled & flowered Easter Bonnet,

A man behind a turtle mask appeared at the out-of-the-closet

party for Brother Timothy from Trinidad,

Grandma Esther’s spirit was seen cloaked in a beaver coat sucking

the toes of an isolated foot,

A female Japanese mannequin wrapped in a plastic shroud was hidden

under a bench in Grand Central Station,

River rats scampered up & down the walls of Trinity Church to tease the

Cardinal – too old & fat for flight,

In Battery Park detectives discovered a woman in mink drowned in a

bathtub with a rubber duck,

Teenage boys & girls fucked all night on the manicured lawn of the

Governor’s summer home on the outskirts of Peekskill,

A mischievous unicorn was spotted prancing with tourists as they crossed

the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise – on her back a sleeping cheetah

above her head a brace of cooing doves.