Sordid Sequences # 2

It was never meant to happen’ tells her tale with tear-filled eyes & a slight stutter. She of the priesthood. She of the Book. She of the League of Social Order. The congregation fidgets in their folding chairs & occasionally one or another will cough or take a sip from a hidden flask & on & on she goes. Seemingly, there is no reasonable explanation & when she’s through, ‘he of the four stars’ promises to find those who would bring this hell to our people. Promises to undo what has been done. To make up for lost time & the lies that have been spread. He seems sincere. Not like his orderly, ‘he who casts the first stone’. We’ve known him from years past. Racing by in his Aston Martin & secretly messing around with our women & young girls. Some say, there’s a bounty on his head. As of tonight, no one has attempted to collect.