Writer Roger Aplon propels...

his readers on journeys through an amazing variety of voices and places - worlds where men and women love and rage in equal proportions, where social injustice is keenly observed, and momentary observations resonate with profound truths. A fearless and imaginative artist, Aplon finds inspiration everywhere: from the streets of Barcelona, to American politics, to jazz performances, to the complex relationship between men and women. Please come in and enjoy the ride…you never know where it might take you.


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Improvisations, Contemplations & Dialogues While Listening to Beethoven’s 32 Piano Sonatas – A Diary
     Boxed – 3 cds & Text from Bison Disc 

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& please take a look at The Art Section: wwwtheartsection.com – there’s an adio/visual collection of older & recent poems.




The Omnipotent Sorcerer - 2021 - Unsolicited Press - available now - along with

Mustering What's Left - Selected & New Poems - 1976-2017 Published 2018 - Unsolicited Press

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Improvisations - Poetic Impressions From Contemporary Music - published 3/2016 - available now from Book Clearing house:
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