Burn Baby Burn

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Burn Baby Burn

Our house is on fire. The Amazon, the lungs of our planet that produces 20% of our oxygen, is on fire.”

Emmanuel Macron, President of France
August 22, 2019

Drive business-for-business-sake from this magnificent & healing expanse. Replant & sustain what was given you in trust . . . for all who breathe.

October 2019


Hear It? Burn-Baby-Burn: That insidious cry of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro & his minions of ranchers, farmers, loggers & miners, those who ignore

the lost chatter of the Brown-Throated Sloth, the eerie cry of the Howler Monkey, the hiss & growl of the resplendent Jaguar, ignore

the loss of the Scarlet Macaw, the Blue Poison-dart Frog & Yes. the human families that have lived among these trees & vines for centuries.

As the planet’s temperature rises for want of CO2 relief, this massive forest that sucks up that CO2 & gives us oxygen is being dismantled, set afire & destroyed.

Burn Baby Burn rouses the irresponsible & incendiary – driven by greed they ignite the day – arouse the night / where death waits / in the wings.

This forest is fundamental – To our planet & For Its people.       Brazil.      Yes     Brazil

You Must Act       Stop
This incendiary


Thank You!

To All Those Who’ve Devoted Themselves To The Survival Of Our Endangered Planet


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