In Memory Of Compassion, Justice & Honor

For Senator Susan Collins

I am your devastating, willful & intoxicating nightmare. I am the conscious you have displaced, the spy in your house of hypocrisy.

When you brush your teeth & glance in the mirror, you’ll see me over your shoulder, when you take your morning shower, I’ll be holding your towel.

When you mocked ‘Advice & Consent’ by ignoring facts in favor of personal political gain, you opened a door too often locked & invited me in.

& Even though I may be easy to denigrate or deride, I’ll still be at work inserting myself deeper in your psyche – erecting headstones etched with the names –

names of those whose lives will be abused, displaced or even lost by decisions made in your name, your history, your discharge of ‘duty.’

Oh – I know you’re not alone in this. Your compatriots share the blame – yours however is distinct – you were the critical linchpin & as such

bear the curse alone – the weight of which I will wield over you all the days & nights you have left on your way to your grave.

October 7th2018
The day after Judge Kavanagh was confirmed by the US Senate