for Neil Lehrman

Jus in case I didn mention
I’m from Florida
home a the Seminole-mostly
an gators…

You drive the swamp-see big boards advertisin
the prime bouts
it’s the fack
celbrates these parts-
Rasslin Gators

a one time thrill-no shit
got dudes in town
walkin roun
in half their skin
beats cockfights n bullfights all t’hell…

Well, I’m gonna do this tune bout rasslin gators-cep
that alays minds me of another story bout
bein back home fur the cure
drugs n all that shit-I’m
in this center see
where this dude
jacks off every mornin bout 5 am
wakes the whole damn place
humpin and hollerin
like he’s possessed
I swear t’Christ
he never even used his hands
jus humped the goddamn bed
rubbin right through the sheets
like none a us was even there –

I don put down jackin off, fack
I wish we’s all that free-no
it’s that noise, all that thrashin round-almost like he’s
pained ur scared-yeah-like-you got it-like rasslin
like rasslin gators

(After a performance by Sandy Bull 5/20/76)